The digital universe means employees are talking all the time. Some stories they tell each other are enabling (My company is ahead of the tech curve). Some stories are disenabling (My company positions bureaucracy as efficiency).

What makes a team good need not make it great.  To raise it’s game, a team needs more than skills and opportunities. It needs to embrace a winning culture.

A large part of creating a winning culture involves creating stories that compel people to think and act different.

Chapter Two helps leaders share and communicate their company’s most authentic and inspiring stories to their people. Every day.

Our objective with the Unfollow workshop will be to introduce the concept of Stories and explain how teams can achieve their potential by changing a disenabling story into a positive one.

Our aim will be to introduce this concept in organizations, and show how the concept can be used in organizational transformation projects and how teams can achieve desired break-throughs that enable lasting change.

What is Unfollow?

Unfollow is a uniquely designed workshop that uses the power of stories to help individual employees and teams achieve their goals and transform for the better.

Unfollow is a powerful idea: We become the stories we tell ourselves. That’s why it’s important to create and reinforce the right stories, ones that are aligned to our values and our goals. When we do this, we find it easier to make decisions and work with others.

Why is it important?

This transformational workshop Unfollow is designed to assist participants go on a journey of self-discovery, identify their disenabling patterns and thought processes, and developing new narratives that serve their purpose.

Unfollow inspires people with ideas and techniques on how to harness the power of storytelling to achieve their goals and become happier people.

Workshop Objectives

In this workshop participants will

  • Recognize their inner story, the one that’s not working for them
  • Evaluate the truth of that story.
  • Rewrite their story to make it inspiring, congruent with their values, and actionable.
  • Learn to live their story everyday with discipline.

This workshop shows leaders at all levels how they can use the essence and techniques of storytelling to create the right narrative in their heads and in the collective consciousness of their firms – so that everyone is aligned to the same goal, and productivity and happiness both go up in the long run.

Workshop Highlights

Participants will

  • Understanding the journey of life and being alive
  • Art & skill of self-exploration
  • Identifying speed breakers; Self -limiting beliefs
  • Using power of stories to understand the current state
  • Explore alternatives and create the inner narrative to get there
  • Overcoming obstacles with ease and grace
  • Empowering take-home tools


  • Unfollow user the power of stories to understand your current state, explore an alternative that works for you, and create the inner narrative to get there.  It offers participants a lively, stimulating blend of concepts, exercises, discussions and role-playing. 
  • The workshop can be combined with 1:1 personal coaching plan for selected potential leadership candidates
  • The workshop is now available in a virtual format

Whats involved

Self-Reflections, Using Power of stories, creating inner narrative, Highly Interactive sessions, facilitator moderated discussions, Individual & Group Exercises, Presentations, Q&A

Outcome for participants

  • Teams can function more cohesively
  • Increase in team productivity
  • Leaders can engage better with their teams, peers and senior stakeholders
  • People developing a growth mindset
  • Setting audacious goals that they thought were never possible before
  • Planning and executing strategies with laser-sharp focus
  • Better alignment with organizational culture and values

Workshop Duration:  1 Day

Workshop is suitable for

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Aspiring managers
  • Anyone who wishes to achieve personal break-throughts at work

Workshop Cost:

The cost depends on the number of participants and the nature of the transformation the organization is going through.

Please write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com to request for a proposal and a one on one meeting to get more details.

Contact Information

More details on the workshop, write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com

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