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What is Unfollow?

Unfollow is a personal development workshop that uses the power of stories to help people achieve their goals and be clearer, happier and stronger.

Why is it important?

Unfollow is a powerful idea: We become the stories we tell ourselves. So it’s important to create and reinforce the right stories, ones that are aligned to our values and our goals. When we do this, we find it easier to make decisions and work with others.

Who is it relevant for?

  • Are stuck and in need of new direction or inspiration
  • Want clarity on their purpose
  • Need a better strategy to achieve their goals
  • Want to achieve harmony with work, people and community
  • Wish to stop procrastinating and start doing
  • Need to manage stress better by reducing confusion and increasing focus

What’s the methodology?

  • Unfollow uses the power of stories to understand your current state, explore an alternative that works for you, and create the inner narrative to get there.
  • It offers participants a lively, stimulating blend of concepts, exercises, discussions and role playing

What will you get at the end of it?

  • Recognize your inner story, the one that’s not working for you
  • Evaluate the truth of that story.
  • Rewrite your story to make it inspiring, congruent with your values, and actionable.
  • Live your story everyday with discipline.

Workshop Cost

Workshop participation cost: Rs. 9,000 + taxes

Workshop participation cost plus 2 hours of personal coaching: Rs. 15,000 + taxes

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