Quad 11 is for those who wish to enhance their focus and productivity on a daily basis. The program identifies factors that may be hindering self-mastery and inspires people to move from tired tactics to energizing vision, with the power of personal vision and storytelling.

Workshop Objectives

This is a workshop that enables you to identify levers for change in your daily routine. A lever of change is an aspect of your routine that affects the quality of your output. For example, the amount of time you spend on focused work without distractions affects the end outcome of your work. Do you manage distractions from colleagues and superiors well? Do you deflect less priority distractions and find a way to integrate ‘strategic’ distractions?

How is it different from other PE workshops?

Unlike other workshops that focus on strategies and tactics, this workshop gets to the heart of the problem: identifying the disabling ‘story’ in your head that is keeping you from higher levels of personal effectiveness.

Who is it for?

Executives with over 8 years of experience: Managers and Senior Managers

  • People who work with teams and want to be more focused
  • People who need to multi-task with tight deadlines
  • People who tend to procrastinate and manage work less than optimally

Workshop curriculum

Workshop encompasses Seven Powerful modules

  • Boost your productivity with focused execution
  • Task management for powerful results
  • Own your day with tools and techniques to increase your output
  • Take the team along – because you can’t win alone
  • Clean up – let go of bad habits, ineffective and unproductive routines
  • Kick ass – be passionate, committed, and relentless
  • Progress > perfection; so start now!


  • A combination of lectures, moderator led group discussions, individual and group activities, role playing and video
  • The workshop can be combined with 1:1 personal coaching plan for selected potential leadership candidates
  • The workshop is now available in a virtual format



One day

What does a person achieve by participating in this workshop?

At the end of the workshop participant will be able to

  • Identify and enhance ‘levers of change’ that will make them appreciate themselves better in order to get better
  • Take ownership of their goals and to constantly be driven by the intent to succeed for themselves and people around them

Workshop Cost

The workshop cost depends on the number of participants. To get a proposal or to set up a time for a meeting, write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com


Contact for details

For more details on the workshop write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com

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