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14 Jun 2021

Be yourself. There is only one of your kind in the world.

All others are taken.

“The truth is there is no such thing as ‘normal’, there is just a series of spectrums on which we all fall and how ‘normal’ we are is largely determined by how well our strengths and weaknesses match the social norms of the times we live in”, said R. Boyce

There is no such thing as normal, normal way to think or the right thing to do.

Be yourself and choose the path that’s best for you.

If you unapologetically be yourself people will end up liking you for who you are and you are also more at peace. There is merit is being yourself as this also sets expectations right in the beginning, for yourself as well as for others.

If you wear a mask and project a different self, the act will burden you and cause you unhappiness as well as stress.

Be yourself, the first time and every time. Learn to say ‘no’ when you feel something is not OK.

Be yourself. Those who matter, won’t mind. And, those who mind, don’t matter.

About Author

Sandhya Reddy is a PCC Accredited Executive Coach and Leadership coach based in Bangalore, India. She is the Founder and Principal Coach at Chapter Two Coaching, a coaching consultancy that specializes in leadership development.  She is a Certified Hogan Assessor and Coach.  She has over 750+ hours of experience with coaching senior professionals. She has enabled personal transformation for over 1500+ individuals through coaching interventions, workshops, webinars and mentoring.

Chapter Two helps leaders in middle levels and senior levels engage better with their teams, peers and senior stakeholders. We help teams develop a growth and performance mindset, align better with the organizational culture and values and function more cohesively. We are also passionate about women’s leadership development and have developed a practice around it. We enable leadership development through 1:1 coaching interventions and through a set of curated leadership and personal transformational workshops.

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