Life Coaching Academy

How can Sandhya help you with your life?

Many of us spend our twenties getting a degree, finding jobs, and settling down with a spouse to build a life. All our choices are the product of beliefs. Some of these beliefs are conscious. Some are unconscious. Either way, these beliefs, opinions and notions form a compass for us that points in a certain direction consistently over time. But as time progresses, some of our beliefs don’t serve us very well anymore. Despite this, we hold on to them, sometimes counter-productively. Sandhya, a life coach in Bangalore who runs a life coaching academy, can help individuals with a desire for change to examine their beliefs – or their ‘stories’ – and change them for the better, so they can achieve their goals.

Here are some benefits that people have experienced as a result of enlisting a life coach:

  • Coaching rewires your brain by helping you ask the right questions. You’ll stop asking questions like ‘Will it work?’ and instead ask ‘What if it works?’ You’ll imagine possibilities, not catastrophes.
  • Coaching is first and foremost, a journey of self-discovery. So don’t get fixated on having it all figured out before you start. By doing that you become your own biggest hindrance to the coaching process. Take a chance. Let the journey unfold. Let the questions get asked. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Nothing helps us neutralize irrational fears like coaching. Coaching pulls the rug out from under irrational fears and enables us to replace them with more enabling stories, ones that help us be more productive and confident, as opposed to ineffective and rattled.
  • A good coach will push you to get crystal clear on what you want from life. Next comes translating those wants into goals and plans. Clarity is one of the biggest benefits of coaching.
  • Coaching trains your mind to always think about what’s next. Dwelling on the past is fine as long as you’re learning from a mistake. Otherwise, your focus has to be on the future. What do you need to DO NEXT to achieve your goal? Like meditation and yoga, coaching forces your mind into a zone of POSITIVE ACTION and unleashes your most practical and powerful life force.
  • Coaching doesn’t help you ‘strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses.’ That’s hollow corporate speak. If anything, coaching helps you hone your strengths correctly and be mindful of your weaknesses. No one can turn into superman and that’s not the objective of coaching.
  • Last but not the least, coaching helps you develop the mind of a problem solver. You will create new, positive neural pathways in your brain that sniff out opportunities, reserve judgment, find confidence and replace ‘I want this but’ with ‘I want this and so…’

In short, coaching can change the way you think and that in turn can change your whole life.