Chapter Two Coaching and avatarah come together to bring together a free webinar series on topics that are relevant for leadership skill development!

This is a weekly series and every week we come with a new topic that will be valuable for leaders in all walks of life. This Bootcamp is unique because each week we plan to give away tips and tools that will change the way you view things, view yourself and leadership.

Bootcamp dates and Topics:

Saturday, Jan 30th, 2021 – Develop Confidence as a Personality Trait. Facilitator – Sandhya Reddy

Saturday, Feb 6th, 2021 – Rebrand yourself in 7 steps. Facilitator – Miriam Korula

Saturday, Feb 13th, 2021 – Learn to develop a positive mindset. Facilitator – Sandhya Reddy

Saturday, Feb 20th, 2021 – Why women need to work harder to be noticed at the work place. Facilitator – Miriam Korula

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What is Leadership Skills Bootcamp?

Leadership Skills Bootcamp is a Free Webinar series that aims to bridge the gap in Leadership skills. We will cover topics like time management, developing a positive mindset, dressing up for the job, leading with emotional intelligence, developing confidence as a leadership trait etc.  

Why is it important?

For an individual to be a successful leader, we realize that they need to exude confidence and presence. The three pillars of leadership presence are appearance, communication skills and gravitas. With this FREE Bootcamp, the plan is to make leadership development skills accessible to all.  

Who is it relevant for? 

Those who…  

  • Are leaders (at all levels) who wish to move to the next level
  • Are about to enter the corporate world and have interviews to face
  • Fresher in the corporate world who are having to deal with diverse teams and wants to improve their Interpersonal Skills
  • Those who are in roles where you need to speak and make presentations
  • Those who wish to approach others with more confidence
  • Those who wish to develop a personal brand, personal style and aura that’s authentic
  • Those who think a little bit of extra confidence and attitude is going to let you break into the next league

Bootcamp topics?

We bring in a new topic each. Here are examples of the kind of topics that we will cover each week

  • Time management and productivity
  • Developing a positive mind-set
  • Developing confidence as a trait
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Dressing for Success and Personal grooming
  • Body language basics

What’s the methodology? 

  • Virtual sessions on Microsoft teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

What will you get at the end of each webinar?

    1. The whats and hows of the theme of the day
    2. Useful tips to incorporate in your daily routine
    3. Tools that you can use instantly to improve your leadership quotient. 


Workshops facilitators :

G. Sandhya Reddy and Miriam Korula

Workshop Cost : 

Bootcamp participation cost: FREE

Contact for details :

For more details on the Bootcamp write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com

Register here :


About Sandhya Reddy

Sandhya is a trained Life coach and executive Coach in Bangalore India. She is the owner and director of Chapter Two, a consulting company dedicated to helping people achieve their goals without self-imposed limitations. How? Through the power of stories.

She is a certified coach and has developed Chapter Two Coaching, an original coaching framework that uses the power of stories or deep-rooted beliefs to discover issues, create change in people and teams, and inspire people to become better leaders in all walks of life.

About Miriam Korula

Miriam Korula is an Internationally Certified Image Consultant trained under the curriculum of Judith Rasband, a world renowned Master Image Consultant and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA. She is also, an internationally certified trainer by T Harv Eker Train-the-Trainer Program.

 Friendly and professional, Miriam will help you with all aspects of image and personal branding. She works with clients to help them look and feel confident and effortlessly stylish, every day. The main outcome of working with her on your executive presence is that you form a visual resume of yourself, which creates an impactful impression every time.