Lead from Within - Lead from Within

An empowered woman empowers more women around her and leads with empathy. Owing to the socio-cultural norms and years of social conditioning, women develop a certain mindset and behaviour when it comes to making career choices, be it seeking better opportunities, accepting key roles made available to them or asking for training, promotion or a pay raise that is due to them.

Owing to these barriers, with time, there is a confidence gap and a leadership gap that develops.

A few instances:

  • Women wish to accept projects and role only if they fit the bill exactly. They try to look and find for a perfect fit as they don’t want to fail over. They are risk-averse.
  • Women tend to give up or reject currently available projects and roles, anticipating additional personal responsibilities and family responsibilities and hence optout from projects much before they need to step back.
  • Women also find it difficult to admit that they are ambitious or are willing to prioritise work over family, as they believe they would be looked down upon for making that choice
  • Several personality traits like being assertive, aggressive, task oriented etc that are considered as desirable ‘leadership traits’ in men, are not appreciated in women. Women who exhibit such leadership characters are considered unlikable. Women can either have leadership qualities or be liked, not both.

Companies that have a higher percentage of women in senior positions tend to be more successful. This is one of the reasons many organizations are now focused on having more women in leadership positions across levels. It can be achieved only if women are identified in the early stage of their career and are groomed to assume leadership positions later on.

What is Lead From Within?

Lead from Within by Chapter Two is a leadership development workshop to groom women for leadership positions in the organization.

This program helps women understand themselves, overcome barriers and limiting personal beliefs that prevent them from realising their true potential and helps align their personal values with their work.

How is it different from other Womens Development Workshops?

It is a one day workshop specially designed for companies to

– Empower and enable women employees with the potential to excel

– Groom next-gen women leaders

– Create exemplary women leaders

Who is it relevant for?

  • This workshop is specifically designed for women who are ambitious and want to take on leadership positions and become role models for other women
  • Women with 8+ years of work experience who aspire to be leaders

Workshop Objectives

  • Better self awareness
  • Replace self limiting beliefs that restrict growth
  • Bridge the gap in confidence and leadership
  • Introduction to skills and techniques that enable women to lead from within


There are 8 modules to choose from

  • Learn the uniqueness of women’s leadership style
  • Understand your unique leadership style
  • Overcome barriers to leadership
  • Aligning your work with your personal values
  • Authentic leadership: Lead with confidence, integrity and power
  • Influential leadership: Understanding influence, conflict management, negotiation and relationship building
  • Prioritization at the crux of work life integration
  • Be your own best friend with self-coaching techniques

What’s the methodology?

  • A combination of lectures, moderator led group discussions, individual and group activities, role playing and video
  • The workshop can be combined with 1:1 personal coaching plan for selected potential leadership candidates
  • The workshop is now available in a virtual format

Women’s Leadership Development Engagement Model

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Workshops
  • Long-term change journeys
  • Custom-made approaches

What will you get at the end of it?

At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to

  • Create a positive and growth-oriented mindset towards challenging leadership roles
  • Identify and enhance ‘levers of change’ that will make them appreciate themselves to become better leaders
  • Overcome barriers and get over limiting thought processes
  • Communicate and project themselves with confidence
  • Take ownership of their goals and to constantly be driven by the intent to succeed for themselves and people around them

Workshop Cost

The cost depends on the number of participants and the nature of the transformation the organization is going through.

Please write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com to request for a proposal and a one on one meeting to get more details.

Contact Information

More details on the workshop, write to workshops@chaptertwocoaching.com

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