Customer Testimonials

Reenu Sharma
Project Lead, Leading IT Major
“I have started to have more clarity on my values, my goals and the clear cut activities I need to pursue. I also understand there’s no point thinking about stuff I can’t control. All in all, I feel more focused, less anxious and motivated.”
Kiran Ghatage
Project Lead, Leading IT Major
“I believed that small-town folks were not as smart or aggressive as city folks, and consequently I wouldn’t make it. I was so wrong. Coaching with Sandhya, helped me achieve my potential. I let go of my wrong beliefs.”
Savitha Venkatesan
Project Lead, Fidelity Investment
“Sandhya helped me understand myself better. She helped me question things that I was doing as a routine which were, in reality, not adding any value to my life.  Once I started asking the right questions, I was able to manage time better since I started prioritizing things that help me learn or that added value to my life.  As a result, I have achieved better work life balance. More importantly, prioritizing self over others has resulted in me becoming a happier person on the whole.

I have now realized that to make real progress in one’s career, higher studies is important.  Through coaching, i have been able to prioritize that and have decided to dedicate time to it by enrolling for a management course.”

K. Rajasekhar
Senior Manager, Informatica
“Sandhya helped me work towards prioritizing myself over others in order to achieve a better balance in my life and work. She coached me to ask myself questions that forced me to see my challenges in a new light, and then use that insight to act.”
Shalini Nahata
“Sandhya helped me dispel the fog of confusion I had about myself and my life. She helped me set my business priorities clearly. Many times you need a sounding board to gauge and strengthen your ideas and Sandhya has been an excellent coach and sounding board.”
Niharika Reddy
Management Student
“Before I met Sandhya, I felt like I was getting pulled in many directions and was getting confused. Through coaching, I discovered a fresh perspective.  I realised that i wanted to complete my post-graduation. I needed to focus on higher studies too. I have now taken the steps to enrol for a management course.  I would not have gotten this clarity without Sandhya’s coaching.”
Medical Student
“Coach Sandhya Reddy helped me get clarity in life. I was a lost soul for a period and with her guidance and continuous coaching I have emerged out knowing what exactly to do next successfully and look at life positively. She has been a constant motivation and support so grateful to have met her.”
Travel Entrepreneur
“Sandhya has helped me as a Business Coach to understand my priorities when it comes to my business. She has been a sounding board in my journey of self discovery. I have understood through my coaching engagement everything that I need to do with respect to my business to take it to the next level. It am tired of playing small and am ready to take the leap to the next level. Sandhya has helped me get over all my inhibitions when it comes to spending and taking bold steps. It feels like I am a different person now.”