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What is Coaching?

Coaching involves enabling someone to achieve a goal by helping them draw from their own hidden reserves. Coaching is different from training, counselling or managing. Training involves learning new skills. Counselling is helping someone cope with pain. Managing is reminding people what to do. But coaching goes beyond that. A good coach listens, clarifies the problem, asks the right questions and inspires a client to discover a solution, all aligned to his or her goals.

What is Chapter Two Coaching?

Chapter Two coaching is based on an original model that is nuanced, real and credible. The model uses the power and the process of inner storytelling to identify counterproductive beliefs, emotions and language. It then rebuilds them to serve our true purpose and goals. The crux of the model is the very human activity of telling stories in order to survive.

What is a story? Just like the brain processes sensory data to help us keep our physical balance, the mind processes life data into a story that helps us keep our psychological balance.

At Chapter Two, we use this innate faculty of the mind to replace self-imposed limitations with enabling stories.

Who is it for?

Chapter Two Coaching is relevant for individuals, working professionals, stay-at-home mothers, teams and just about anyone who has a goal and needs guidance in achieving that goal.

Many of us spend our twenties getting a degree, finding jobs, and settling down with a spouse to build a life. All our choices are the product of beliefs. Some of these beliefs are conscious. Some are unconscious. Either way, these beliefs, opinions and notions form a compass for us that points in a certain direction consistently over time. But as time progresses, some of our beliefs don’t serve us very well anymore. Despite this, we hold on to them, sometimes counter-productively. Sandhya can help individuals with a desire for change examine their beliefs – or their stories – and change them for the better, in order to achieve their goals.

Starting your own business can be exciting and daunting. It means coming face to face with hidden beliefs and behaviours that may be coming in the way of success. Coaching helps you craft a vision, take responsibility, prioritize strategic thinking, and complement the best-laid plans with systematic action. Entrepreneurship involves a significant mind-set change but the right positive self-talk is the first start point.

Just as individuals move from point A to point B in their lives, teams and companies evolve too. Sandhya can work with senior management, the leadership team and operational teams to identify beliefs and stories embedded within the culture of the organization that might be causing people to behave in a certain way. Sandhya can then work with leadership to draw up a plan for change.

  • 6 is the minimum number of sessions I need to make a difference.
  • 4 is the number of stages I will take you through to help you discover your story, transform it and live it.
  • 10 is the number of convenient solutions I will give you.
  • 700 is the number of hours I have spent on coaching.