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27 Apr 2021

Challenge your self image

In his book Psycho-cybernetics – A new way to get more living out of your life, Maxwell Maltz talks about how one can change their self-image and become more confident.

Maxwell talks about the new technique for using your subconscious power. He says that by change your self-image, one can become more confident.

  1. Our brain cannot differentiate between real and make up experiences.
  2. The story you tell yourself about your personality affects how you act
  3. Create positive self-image by fabricating positive experiences in your mind and reliving them regularly.
  4. Our actions are always striving to be consistent with the self image we have of ourselves.

As a coach, majority of clients seek coaching in improving confidence, getting over self-doubt.

Improving confidence requires rewriting the inherent story in your mind that you have about yourself. You need to break the pattern.

Break the cycle = Limiting beliefs –> Lack of action –> Poor results.

Break the patterns
Break the patterns

Rewrite your story….to change your self-image

To rewrite the story, and to live a new story, you need to install mindsets, daily routines and habits that will enable to you like the new story.

Rewrite your story = Positive Story –> Daily micro quote –> Celebrate small success

Rewrite your story
Rewrite your story

Changing the story requires that you have a goal, a plan, and a daily routine.

As you go about it, always remember the following:

Action >> Talk

Self-belief >> Self-doubt

Consistency >> Intensity

Progress >> Perfection

Journey >> Destination

If you have been a chronic procrastinator, you need to believe that you are a DOER.

That change can’t happen overnite.

So, you need to take daily incremental steps to ensure you accomplish little every day, which in a week or in a month will result in something substantial….and along the way you will realize that the story in your head about yourself is changing.

If you have a daily routine, say for example, if you work from 9 am to 11:30 am daily on strategic initiatives, even on days when you lack motivation and if you are not up to it, if you stick to your routine, you would have accomplished something worthwhile.

About Author

Sandhya Reddy is a PCC Accredited Executive Coach and Leadership coach based in Bangalore, India. She is the Founder and Principal Coach at Chapter Two Coaching, a coaching consultancy that specializes in leadership development.  She is a Certified Hogan Assessor and Coach.  She has over 750+ hours of experience with coaching senior professionals. She has enabled personal transformation for over 1500+ individuals through coaching interventions, workshops, webinars and mentoring.

Chapter Two helps leaders in middle levels and senior levels engage better with their teams, peers and senior stakeholders. We help teams develop a growth and performance mindset, align better with the organizational culture and values and function more cohesively. We are also passionate about women’s leadership development and have developed a practice around it. We enable leadership development through 1:1 coaching interventions and through a set of curated leadership and personal transformational workshops.

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